I'm Jack Tomlinson. I live in Nottingham UK, where I build the future.

I've been working with AWS Serverless since early 2021 and absolutely love it. My aim is to use this site to document how I've have been building new microservices for when I have to do it again in the future. I doubt you have got to this far on this page, so I am just going to pad this section out a bit. Bananas, Doughnuts and BeachBalls. Perfect.

Perviously, I worked for comparethemarket.com in the UK where I was on the team introducing React to the business and transforming how they built their comparison products. Most notably working in the team responsible for rebuilding out their number 1 selling product, car insurance.

These days I have moved more into the backend full stack nature of the web world. Given the nature of joining a small startup where you need to be able to do everything. This ignited a passion for all things serverless and in particular the super cool things you can do with the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK).

For now, that is enough rambling I can think of, so sit back, enjoy and drop me a follow on Twitter for some bants.